This tournament is played in honour of friends, family, and colleagues we have lost to this terrible disease, as well as to honour those still fighting.  As a Paramedic in the city, and a cancer survivor myself, I have experienced both personally and professionally the struggles patients and their families go through when fighting this disease.  One of the most wearing, being the financial burden a patient faces with typically not being able to work during treatment.  


This year’s tournament will benefit the Patient Assistance Fund at the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation as well as an organization called “Little Hands, Kids for a Cause”.  Both these initiatives help local families with loved ones undergoing cancer treatment.

About The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation

The Windsor Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation was established in 1996 by a group of volunteers intent on making the cancer journey one that was less stressful to patients and their families, as well as aiding in the provision of care through the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment. Our mandate has grown over the years to include a commitment to supporting local cancer research, as well as providing short-term assistance to patients experiencing financial need.

The Patient Assist Fund was launched in 2009, providing short term financial aid to cancer patients with demonstrating financial needs, thus reducing stress during treatment. Assistance may be provided for a variety of expenses, from groceries to utility bills, or medication that is not covered by insurance plans. To date, the Fund has provided over $300,000 to over 400 patients.

(CRA # 890493562 RR 0001)

About “Little Hands, Kids for a Cause”

Little Hands, Kids for a Cause was established in July 2014.  They began as a tiny lemonade stand and since then have blossomed into a large, community-led organization. Their goal is to assist children with life-threatening illnesses across Windsor and Essex County. What makes them unique is that they include children and youth in all of their activities, as they believe that teaching children compassion & empathy early in life, builds strong, caring adults and community members.